The health and well-being of your horse

Together with you, we are responsible for the health and well-being of your horse. By means of good nutrition, sufficient exercise and the right stall climate, we ensure that the conditions are optimal to keep your horse as healthy as possible. Another important aspect in the health of the horses are the vaccinations. Stal Veldhuisen has standard vaccinations against the following diseases:

Veldhuisen Stables routinely vaccinates against the following diseases:


This very common highly infectious virus can manifest itself in very different symptoms of nasal discharge and fever, to general malaise and pneumonia. It is important to vaccinate against this virus well. This vaccination is mandatory in the stable. Of course, your horse can be vaccinated on our barn for this.


These herpes virus causes various syndromes. It mainly causes infections. In addition, this virus can also cause abortion and sometimes also neurological problems. The vaccination is compulsory with pregnant mares in our stables.

Streptococcus Equi

This infection is caused by a bacterium, the Streptococcus Equi. The symptoms are: fever, yellow nasal discharge and possibly thickened lymph nodes. Horses of all ages can get sick, but the young horses are the most sensitive. Because of the good ventilation we have in the young horse stables, this infection hasn’t been a problem yet. Vaccination against this infection is therefore an option at the Veldhuizen stables, but no obligation.

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