Luxurious horse stables

Veldhuisen Stables Nigtevecht offers very extensive possibilities if you want to put your horse in our stables. Our luxurious horse stable is fully equipped and has a nice accommodation where there is also room for the guests. In addition, a number of meadows have been set up at the stable for the horses, which have all been fenced up properly. We also have several facilities such as the indoor and outdoor arena, the step mill and what about our extensive jumping garden. In addition to our luxury horse pension, we also have a unique business meeting location. At Veldhuizen stable everything is possible, contact us for all possibilities!

Our facilities


There are currently 70 spacious individual boxes present at our barn. All our stables are provided with an outside hatch door, which offers more sight and calmness and will benefit the health of your horse. In the winter, the drinking water is heated, so that the horses can still drink enough water when there is frost. The horses are standing on flax and the stables are mucked out every day. There is always a clean and dry flax bed that again ensures a better well-being and healthier horses. It is also well ventilated; the doors open easily so that the horses are always fresh and dust-free in the stable.

Washing station area with hot water and a solarium

At our stables, there are spacious washing stations available. These are always provided with hot and cold water. Hot water is good for the muscles of your horse, so they will not stiffen so quickly. There is also a solarium available. This will recover your horse better and it also ensures better health and condition! The generated infrared guarantees a better circulation so that the muscles absorb the blood sugars more quickly. The solarium will also speed up the drying process, reducing the chances of your horse catching a cold.

Indoor riding area 20 x 40 meter with Swanenberg bodem

On the side of our stables, there is an isolated indoor riding area, where you can ride in both summer and winter in an always pleasant climate. The inner lane is provided with a misting system to keep the soil in top condition. At the area is a solid and easy to close entrance that provides sufficient space for entering the riding area. It is also provided with a sound system so that you can, for example, train with music.

Outdoor riding area 20 x 60 meter with Swanenberg bodem

Our outdoor riding area has a Swanenberg bottom of 20 by 60 meters. Because of this fine springy, smudge-proof and well water-permeable soil, is it possible to train outside during all weather conditions. The outdoor lane is located behind the indoor area in a quiet place on the terrain. There is also a sprinkling system implanted for the drier periods.


In the middle of our stables, there is a stepmill. This stepmill is essential in preventing injuries of your horse. For example, the step-mill offers the possibility to let your horse warm up for training. And cooling down after a training, which prevents any acidification in the muscles, is one of the possibilities. Apart from regular training, the stepmill can also be used to improve the basic condition of your horse.

Canteen and reception room

Stal Veldhuisen has a luxurious canteen where guests and visitors can take a cup of coffee or tea. The canteen is nicely heated and gives a nice view over the stables and meadows. There is also a spacious dressing room with shower facilities. If you wish, you can also come for a business meeting at our unique location. Naturally, we offer a fully catered lunch.

Meadow and paddock

It is of course, also possible to let your horse walk free in both summer and winter. In the summer this can be done in the meadow, and in the winter in the paddock. In total, we have 50 hectares of pasture ground. We also have paddocks where all horses regularly stretch their legs. It is important that horses move sufficiently, without involving risks. That is why our paddocks have a size of 8 by 10 meters so that they cannot run ‘too much’, but can still move freely.

Our instructors

Veldhuisen Stables has various instructors. Instruction is present at any desired level. Of course, it is allowed to take lessons from your own instructor. Please contact Veldhuisen Stables about this. Read more information at: about us.

Extra services

We offer the possibility to let your horse lunge, ride or toilet. We can also transport your horse or foal to a location of your choice. In addition, we are also experts in the field of mare guidance and rearing. And meeting at our unique location is also something that belongs to our possibilities. At Stal Veldhuizen everything is possible, and we are happy to think along with you!

Contact us personally or feel free to visit our company for a first acquaintance. We can be reached on +31 627 338 789 or via

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