Veldhuisen Stables: your partner for the professional raising of your horse

One of the most important phases in the life of your horse is the nurture. We from Stables Veldhuisen have the opinion that growing up in groups is important for the development of the foal. Nutrition and exercise are also crucial for the healthy growth of the body of the young horses.

Our stable offers accommodation for over 90 foals. We have spacious boxes and in the summer the horses can go to our very qualitative grassland from over 50 hectares.

In our group housing, your horse can grow up from foal to a manageable adult horse in an expert manner, without you having worries about it.

All young horses are stabled between equals, where we have a max. of 8 foals per group, in a protected environment. The foals will be checked daily.

You are welcome every day to come and see your horse or foal, it is not necessary to make an appointment.

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Why is the raising so important?

When we’re raising the foals, they are placed in groups. The groups are classified in terms of age and gender. The groups consist of six to eight horses so that control and rest can be kept at all times. This way a sick animal is recognized on time and the vet can be brought in. During the raising, they learn what the hierarchy is, which is important for the relationship between trainer and horse. They also learn to play with the other horses and gain social contacts, which is also important for the further life of the horse.

Raising in the summer

In the summer period, the horses are in our large meadows where they always have enough grass at their disposal. Veldhuisen Stables Nigtevecht manages over 50 hectares of grassland for the grazing of the horses.


Raising in the winter

In the winter period, the horses are in large group boxes. These are well provided with straw so that the horses can lie clean and dry.

Sufficient movement is essential. With us, all horses get their daily exercise in the winter. The horses and foals go out every day for several hours in large paddocks, with large haystacks. The drinking water system is equipped with a pump system. In the winter, the water is heated by the pump system, so that the horses can also consume sufficient drinking water when there is frost. The horses receive unlimited roughage. The ration of the horses is supplemented with sufficient concentrate and minerals.

X-ray inspection

With us, it is possible to have your young horse inspected. This way you can have the health of your horse assessed professionally. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

That is why you choose Veldhuisen

Good foal raising is an investment in the future, it will almost always transmute into good health and better performance later in life. We specialize in the rearing of horses and therefore place high demands on our service. We would like to inform you about the importance of raising and tell you about all our services at your request. Please contact us or visit our location. See you at Veldhuisen Stables!

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