Trainings Stable

Are you looking for a professional training stable for training your horse? We gladly take over the training of your horse in a professional manner. At Veldhuisen Stables you can leave your horse with a confidential feeling in a good and fine location.

Why have your horse trained?

There are several reasons why you want to train your horse. Pregnancy, problems while driving, staying abroad or other circumstances may ensure your horse to be trained by someone else. Veldhuisen Stables is here to help you. We can also help you sell your horse, or take care of the entire sales process.

Let your horse train at Veldhuisen Stables

Letting your horse train by Veldhuisen Stables means choosing for professional care. Our stable is arranged in order that your horse is not in short of anything. We offer meadows (in the summer), indoor and outdoor riding areas, covered stepmills and round pens and much more. Well-being always comes first.

You can let your horse be trained by one of our experienced and skilled amazons. They have extensive experience with bringing horses to a higher (dressage) level. The aim is always to train the horse in a harmonious way to the desired level. The training by us is varied, but also clearly structured. This gives the horse a solid basis where you (possibly) can continue with. It is also possible to combine training with lessons, where you step on your horse under supervision. This way we achieve the optimal result together, always in the interest of the horse. Of course, we regularly provide updates during the process and you are welcome to come and watch at any time.

Do you want your horse to be trained by the amazons of Veldhuisen Stables? Feel free to contact us.

Have your horse brought out on a competition

In addition, to let your horse train, we can also bring out the horse in a competition. Our experienced amazons can be promoted faster, which means that for example, we can classify your horse. This of course, always depends on what the horse can handle and how the training proceeds.

Have your horse ready for sale

Selling a horse is a time-consuming job and can provide the required attention. At Veldhuisen Stables you can hand over the entire sales process. We drive the horse until he/she is in optimal condition. Following, we make professional photos and videos and we offer the horse to our large database with interesting potential buyers. We will take care of the selling process as much as possible in this way.

How the entire sales process is organized is all in consultation. We advise you in a good sales price and determine how we organize the viewings. Naturally, we keep in touch during this process.

Do you want your horse to be trained, to be released at competitions or made ready for sale? Feel free to contact us for more information

Trainings Stable