Veldhuisen Stables Nigtevecht

Veldhuisen Stables Nigtevecht is the professional in the field of horses with beautiful stables for horses and foals. From an early age, Willem Veldhuisen and his grandfather shared the love for horses. And in 1986 Willem Veldhuisen and his wife bought a farm that they have refurbished. A few years later they bought a pony for their daughter. This first pony was the start of family business Veldhuisen. Thanks to this passion, you can rely on our expertise.

Over the years we’re developed into a versatile board stable for dressage and jumping. Our company is active in various fields within the equestrian sport. An important part of this is the training of horses, raising of young horses and the guidance of pregnant mares. In addition, the horse storage plays a major role in our company, and we also offer the opportunity to organise unique business meetings at our location.

Where can you find us

Veldhuisen Stables is located on the Klompweg in Nigtevecht. The stable complex consists of 70 individual horseboxes and there is group housing for 90 foals. In order to keep the horses in top condition, Veldhuisen Stables has more than 50 hectares of pasture land, an inner and outdoor riding area, a spring garden, covered lunar-ball, covered step-mill and paddocks. In addition to our wide range of options, we also offer additional services such as a pick-up and return service for your foal / horse.

About us