The guidance of pregnant mares at Veldhuisen Stables

Veldhuisen Stables is expert in the guidance of pregnant mares. When you leave your mare with us, you are assured of professional care. We take over all the needed care for you. We work intensively with the vet and keep a close eye on the mare. This way we ensure that the birth can never be missed. We also have 24/7 camera surveillance, so you, even if you are not physically present in the stable, can view your mare. We are glad to advise and inform you about all the possibilities.

The facilities
At Veldhuisen you can count on:

  • Spacious marestables of 4.5 x 4 meters;
  • 24 hours and 7 days a week monitoring through an app;
  • Expert guidance from the vet;
  • Complete care of the pregnancy, foaling and raising the foal.

The mares always have enough space in their big boxes during the pregnancy and foaling. The mare stables are located in a separate complex on our property, so your mare is separated from the other pension horses. The mare comes out every day for a few hours.

Where and when you want: camera surveillance via the app available 24/7

When you stall your pregnant mare at Stables Veldhuisen, you can choose for complete unburdening. However, we understand that you want to be involved as much as possible in this special period. Therefore, we’ve developed an app where you can personally follow your own mare via camera surveillance. Are you abroad, on the road or in the need to admire your mare at home, you can always consult the app.

We also take care of pregnant mares from foreign customers. The app is ideal for when you’re traveling because the app is 24/7 accessible. We understand that the best care is paramount. You can always contact us if you have any questions about the care of your pregnant mare. Of course, you are always welcome in the stable to visit your pregnant mare.

From insemination to raising: Veldhuisen Stables is a versatile specialist

In addition to the guidance of pregnant mares, Veldhuisen Stables is also here to help with insemination. We advise you extensively on all the possibilities so that the insemination elapse well. After the gestation, when desired, the foal can be raised by us so that your foal benefits from the most optimal nurture.

Would you like the best guidance for your mare? Veldhuisen Stables is your partner for guiding pregnant mares. Please contact us or feel free to visit our company for a first acquaintance. We are available on +31 627 338 789 or via

Mare Guidance