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Veldhuisen Stables Nigtevecht is a modern and personal company in a unique location in the Netherlands. Our company is active in different areas in the equestrian sport. Over the years we have developed into a versatile stable for dressage and jumping riders.


About us

Horse stables

Veldhuisen Stables, located in the Netherlands, consists of 70 individual horse stalls, and there is group housing for 90 raising foals. We have over 55 hectares of pasture land, where we do everything we can to keep the horses in top condition. We offer multiple facilities, like an indoor and outdoor riding area, a spring garden, a washing station with hot water and a solarium, a covered stepmill and paddocks. Additionally, we offer extra services such as the possibility to let your horse lunge and ride, and our transport service.

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Mare guidance

We are expert in the field of pregnant mares, and the guidance of them. When your mare is in our stables, we can guarantee you professional care. At Veldhuisen Stables we take care of everything, if desired, for you. Because of our intensive collaboration with the vet, we can keep a close eye on the mare, so a delivery will never be missed. We also have camera surveillance, which means you can view your mare at all times, even when you are not in the stable.

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Trainings stable

Are you looking for a professional training stable where you can train your horse? Come to our stable, and let your horse train at Veldhuisen Stables Nigtevecht. In a professional way, we will happily take over the training of your horse. At a location with all the essential facilities, where you can leave your horse with a confidential feeling.

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Stud farm

The raising of young horses is a very important phase in their life. Nutrition and exercise is therefore crucial for the healthy growth of your foal. Your horse can grow up in our group housing without you having to worry about it. And you are welcome every day at the Veldhuisen Stable to see how it goes with your foal or horse.

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Business meetings

At our location, we have a unique place for meetings, training and workshops. On the river Vecht in Nigtevecht you can meet at a charming location, which is fully equipped. The room has an intimate bar with, among other things, coffee and tea making facilities. And to make your business day truly unforgettable and unique, you can put together a tailor-made program for your event. We are happy to think along with you.

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